t (zanra) wrote in deceptive_bends,

Quote Icons for 'Distractions'

Leave your favorite quote as a comment and I will icon it for you ^_^

House x11

Here...Collapse )
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love three, will credit when I use it!
Grabbing 5&6. XD
took 2, 4, 5, 6. credit when used XD
Two is up for the re-takin' because I really should make the type big enough to read the typos! Anyway it is fixed now.
Love #6. Shall give it a good home. :)
ha, took 2, 3, 4, and 5. will credit!
Take two again! It has been un-typoed! *gaah hides*
6 ♥♥ Oh man, that LSD trip will never not be amazing. XD
using 7 for a comm....thanks so much!! it's awesome!!

crediting, too. ;)
I'm in love with number 6.

Will use!

Will credit!

Will... request something! As soon as it comes to me.... =)
These are great!Love them all but especially 1... she said that line soo funny it makes me laugh everytime! Great job!
In love with "She said 'brain' not 'pregnant woman's unterus'" one, snagged it. Will credit ^-^

Any chance of a 'Differential diagnosis for an orgasm?' one?
It's a'posted ^_^
saved 2 and 9 for future use
thanks :D
Nabbing 3,6 and 11. Will credit when using!
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