t (zanra) wrote in deceptive_bends,

Quote Icons for 'Distractions'

Leave your favorite quote as a comment and I will icon it for you ^_^

House x11

House, Distractions

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Comment, credit, suggest, request. It's catchy, right? ;)
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snagged #4 and 5 - will credit when I use em thanks!
number 2 is the greatest quote ever, snagging it for later.
And it was also misspelled. *hides* I've fixed it now, if you still want it.


February 15 2006, 07:12:10 UTC 12 years ago

Could you do one to "I see music." ? *begs*

Also, I love 2 and 3. :D


12 years ago

Oh, awesome idea. You win at life :)

Any way you could do, 'Hey. Did you drop acid?' *eternal gratefulness*

[and #2 is fabulous ^^]
Numba two was defective so I fixed it. Just to let you know. &Acid one is up now, sorry sorry I am so slow!


12 years ago

These are gorgeous. I'm sitting here, dithering about which ones to snag. #1 and #4 for sure, but I'll credit you for any that I use. Thanks so much for these exquisite little labors of love and/or obsession. *g*

Any chance I could get "Most people don't orgasm from a needle prick" as an icon?
hahaha, I love them. Can't take any though, for lack of icon room. It was such a screwed up episode!
I ♥ them!
aahhh! much love! snaging a few, will credit if i use them. may i suggest "I know your math skills...they blow!"
Math icon added...
Ah... Five... Five is genius.

Oi... I need screencaps. Now.
Great job overall! I love #3, will credit!
Love 2-5. Will credit when used.
#2 had a typo which has just recently been caught and which I have just hastily hastily fixed. So terribly sorry to lead you on with misspelled icons! >.
3-5. Will credit when used!!
Snagged 2, 4 and 5. Will of course credit. I loved those quotes they made my sides hurt
Number two was a tragic typo so I fixed it. *back into hiding*
Oooo... love them all, can't choose :D


look who made my other icon, too! ;)
So, I like the quote for number 5, but not really the colors. :( Any chance for the same quote with a different background?
What's the # for the color you want?


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago

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