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Quote Icons for 'Distractions'

Leave your favorite quote as a comment and I will icon it for you ^_^

House x11

House, Distractions

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Comment, credit, suggest, request. It's catchy, right? ;)
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snagged #4 and 5 - will credit when I use em thanks!
number 2 is the greatest quote ever, snagging it for later.
And it was also misspelled. *hides* I've fixed it now, if you still want it.


February 15 2006, 07:12:10 UTC 11 years ago

Could you do one to "I see music." ? *begs*

Also, I love 2 and 3. :D


11 years ago

Oh, awesome idea. You win at life :)

Any way you could do, 'Hey. Did you drop acid?' *eternal gratefulness*

[and #2 is fabulous ^^]
Numba two was defective so I fixed it. Just to let you know. &Acid one is up now, sorry sorry I am so slow!


11 years ago

These are gorgeous. I'm sitting here, dithering about which ones to snag. #1 and #4 for sure, but I'll credit you for any that I use. Thanks so much for these exquisite little labors of love and/or obsession. *g*

Any chance I could get "Most people don't orgasm from a needle prick" as an icon?
hahaha, I love them. Can't take any though, for lack of icon room. It was such a screwed up episode!
I ♥ them!
aahhh! much love! snaging a few, will credit if i use them. may i suggest "I know your math skills...they blow!"
Math icon added...
Ah... Five... Five is genius.

Oi... I need screencaps. Now.
Great job overall! I love #3, will credit!
Love 2-5. Will credit when used.
#2 had a typo which has just recently been caught and which I have just hastily hastily fixed. So terribly sorry to lead you on with misspelled icons! >.
3-5. Will credit when used!!
Snagged 2, 4 and 5. Will of course credit. I loved those quotes they made my sides hurt
Number two was a tragic typo so I fixed it. *back into hiding*
Oooo... love them all, can't choose :D


look who made my other icon, too! ;)
So, I like the quote for number 5, but not really the colors. :( Any chance for the same quote with a different background?
What's the # for the color you want?


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

love three, will credit when I use it!
Grabbing 5&6. XD
took 2, 4, 5, 6. credit when used XD
Two is up for the re-takin' because I really should make the type big enough to read the typos! Anyway it is fixed now.
Love #6. Shall give it a good home. :)
ha, took 2, 3, 4, and 5. will credit!
Take two again! It has been un-typoed! *gaah hides*
6 ♥♥ Oh man, that LSD trip will never not be amazing. XD
using 7 for a comm....thanks so much!! it's awesome!!

crediting, too. ;)
I'm in love with number 6.

Will use!

Will credit!

Will... request something! As soon as it comes to me.... =)
These are great!Love them all but especially 1... she said that line soo funny it makes me laugh everytime! Great job!
In love with "She said 'brain' not 'pregnant woman's unterus'" one, snagged it. Will credit ^-^

Any chance of a 'Differential diagnosis for an orgasm?' one?
It's a'posted ^_^
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